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Strength & Sculpt

Personalized fitness and nutrition coaching for women

Welcome to Strength & Sculpt, where we offer 1:1 personal training and nutrition coaching customized to you. Our mission at Strength & Sculpt is to help women rediscover their bodies and reclaim their confidence. We believe in creating healthy lifestyles with sustainable results so this is the last program you ever do.


A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Chelsea

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach helping women lose weight, build muscle, and reclaim their confidence! 

I live in small town Ohio raising our two boy and married to my high school sweetheart, John! 


When I’m not working out you can find me at a local coffee shop enjoying an iced latte, roaming the aisles of target browsing the home section, or planning our next beach vacation.

My passion is guiding women to create a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable with results that will actually last! 


So welcome to my spot on the internet! 


I hope you feel empowered that your goal body and lifestyle aren’t just a dream but can become a reality!

Workout Facility

Empowering Sustainability

Our Methods

Our Methods


Strength Training

Our signature fitness method is developed around strength training and daily movement. This customized approach is created to make reaching your goals sustainable, transforming your body composition, and to fit into your busy schedule.

Balanced Nutrition

At Strength & Sculpt we believe in a balanced approach when it comes to nutrition. Fueling your body with 80% whole nutritious foods and 20% of food that fuel your soul.

Personal Development

When is comes to creating a healthy lifestyle we encourage women to not only work on their physical health and appearance but to also work on their mental wellness, self confidence, and growth as a person.


Creating a healthy lifestyle can feel lonely that's why we pour into the community of women that make up Strength & Sculpt. We believe that together we can accomplish our goals, build friendships, making the journey fun and encouraging.

Did someone say group chat?

What our clients are saying

"Signing up with Chelsea has changed not only my body, but my mindset, my relationship with food and the way I talk to myself! Before this journey, I was eating SO LITTLE, terrified to eat a banana bc of the carbs and too intimidated to lift weights. Now I’m eating all the fruit (& veggies & carbs) and pushing myself in the gym 4-5 times a week but actually enjoying it all! I have more energy to keep up with my 3 boys and don’t feel so guilty putting my health first now, because they get a better mom. I can’t thank Chelsea enough for all the love and support she puts into me and all of her girls!!!"



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