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1:1 Coaching

Strength & Sculpt is a customized fitness and nutrition program helping busy moms go from overwhelmed and stuck to thriving in their wellness journey through a sustainable approach, creating balance, and rediscovering their confidence.

Let me guess... you've thought about starting your fitness journey but you:

Feel overwhelmed on where to even begin

Have tried other programs in the past only to be disappointed in the results

Have a busy lifestyle with your kids and family

Are limited on time 

Doubt you will be able to follow through with what you start


Motherhood is the biggest transition you will ever go though, often times leaving us to rediscover who we are as a person. Being a busy mom myself, I understand the challenges that come along with prioritizing yourself, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. It was after I had our first son that I knew I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself which also allowed me to be a better mom. After not only creating a healthy lifestyle after our first son, but  readjusting with our second, I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the past 9 years. Now, I help women just like you do the same. 

Client Success 

Lets Dive Deeper

You’ll get a tailored plan so that you can finally feel confident you are on the right track!


Kicking off with a private call we'll evaluate your current lifestyle, define the lifestyle you envision for yourself, and curate a custom plan of action so you know exactly what to do throughout our time together. You’ll have weekly check in’s for accountability, a tailored workout and nutrition program, and a community of women to connect with throughout this journey. 

What's included

Customized Workouts

Offering both gym and home options that are customized to reach your specific goals.

Weekly Check-ins

In depth check in's to evaluate your progress, answer all questions, brainstorm for success, and get guidance for the upcoming week. 


As your coach I'm here to guide you along the way, make sure you are staying on track, offering encouragement and support.

Customized Nutrition

Nutrition protocols calculated specifically for you exactly where you are at. Monthly recipe packs are included to make cooking easy.

Private App Access

Your workouts and nutrition protocols will all be housed in one app, supported with video examples, taking to guesswork out.


A community of likeminded woman alongside you through your own journey.

What Our Clients Say

Citrus Fruits


 "I would never be where I am in my health and fitness journey without Chelsea. She has helped me heal my relationship with food, grow in the gym, and gain so much confidence. She has provided me with knowledge, encouragement, and is an incredible fitness coach to me each and everyday!
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